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BBP Poster Shake Shack may 11.jpg
Backbeat Prophets play The Shake shack


The Backbeat Prophets will appear at the Shake Shack, Thurs. May 11, Thornbury Bowls Club 27 Ballantyne St, Thornbury at 9.00pm. Free Entry.  Join us at the Shake Shack for some blues to remember.  

Backbeat Prophets play The Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society


The Backbeat Prophets play at MBAS, Tues. June 20, Flemington/Kensignton Bowls Club 26 Smithfield Road, Kensington at 8.00pm. Free Entry.  Come on down to MBAS for a good feed and some amazing blues. Jam session folllows the Backbeat Prophets set.


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